a SPOT for SPOT's daycare offers:

• huge, clean, bright 3,500sq ft supervised indoor play area
• small dog zone where smaller dogs can feel safe
• puppy zone which is a safe, separate area exclusively for puppies
• neighborhood leashed walks throughout the day
• safe, fun & positive atmosphere
• big windows, fresh air & natural light
• friendly staff & dogs to socialize, romp, wrestle, hang out, explore and play with
• quiet time to lounge
• dogs of all breeds, ages, shapes and sizes
• tons of toys and platforms to stimulate mind & body
• a very tired/exhausted dog when you pick him or her up at the end of their busy day
• wall to wall rubberized floor to protect paws & claws
and of course, unconditional and unlimited love and head rubs!

Services with the SPOT

• Our facility is available evenings and weekends for rent to professional trainers. Just pop in or give us a call to discuss rates and booking information.
• In addition to our own daily clean and sanitizing of all dog areas, a full commercial, non-toxic, eco-safe Clean & Sanitize is done weekly.

The best spot for your Spot!